Bahari Girls School is a National Girls Boarding School based in Kilifi County in Coast Region. It covers an area of approximately 25 acres of land. It was established in 1991. Dr. Timothy Mtana Lewa the School Patron, sought assistance from various friends in order to establish the School.
Land Donation

Christopher Wilson, the proprietor of Kilifi Plantation who donated 25 acres of land.

Danish Embassy Assistance

The Danish Embassy which put up the Administration block, Library, Kitchen, Dining Hall and a Twin dormitory.

Australian Embassy Assistance

The Australian Embassy which helped in putting up the first four classrooms, provided school uniform material and sewing machines.

The School enrollment has grown from the 80 students in 1992 to over 1400 in 2024. Bahari Girls has been improving academically. In 1994, the school means score was 3.00 and in 2015 we had a mean score of 7.00.

With the elevation of the school to the National status in 2015, the Ministry of Education allocated sh. 25 million for putting up four (4) classrooms and one dormitory which were completed and in use.

Parents also contributed in adding extra classrooms and dormitories. Currently the school is putting up another 2-storey dormitory using funds from both Ministry of Education and parents to help ease congestion in the dormitories.

Name From To
Mrs Makalo G. Irene 1991 2008
Mrs Deche S. Phydylorah 2008 2015
Mrs Mgute S. Prisca 2015 2023
Mrs Hamaro M. Sylvano 2023 To Date
Name From To
Dr. Mtana Lewa 1991 2007
Mrs Rose Ngowa 2007 2015
Dr. Mtana Lewa 2016 2019
Prof. Halimu S. Shauri 2019 To Date
Registered with the Kenyan Ministry of Education
The elevation of the school to the National status has posed a great challenge because the school has to meet the standards of its status both academically and in infrastructure. We believe with co-operation and goodwill from all stakeholders we will make it.
Shortage of Teachers

The school is seven (7) streams with a current CBE of 62 but only 33 teachers are employed by TSC.

Housing for Teachers

Experiencing a shortage of 20 housing units for teachers at a cost of KES 80 million.

Modern Multipurpose Hall

Need for one (1) modern multipurpose hall at a cost of KES 40 million.


Need for two (2) dormitories at a cost of KES 40 million.