“Produce hardworking, disciplined and exceptionally competent citizens.”


“Attain academic excellence through hard work, discipline and integrity.”


Bahari Girls Secondary School is a National Girls Boarding School based in Kilifi County, Kilifi North Constituency. It covers an area of approximately 30 acres of land. It was established in 1991. Dr. Timothy Mtana Lewa the School Patron sought assistance from various friends in order to establish the School. These include among others;

  1. Mr. Christopher Wilson, the proprietor of Kilifi Plantation who donated 30 acres of land.
  2. The Danish Embassy which put up the Administration block, Library, Kitchen, Dining Hall and a Twin dormitory.
  3. The Australian Embassy which helped in putting up the first four classrooms, provided school uniform material and sewing machines.

The School enrolment has grown from the 80 students in 1991 to 700 currently. Our projection is to have 1200 students by the year 2020.

The School has been improving academically. In 1994, the school means score was 3.00 and in 2015 we had a mean score of 7.00.

With the elevation of the school to the National status in 2014, the Ministry of Education allocated sh. 25 million for putting up four (4) classrooms and one dormitory. These are almost complete.

Parents have also tried to improve the Infrastructure of the school. Currently they are putting up one dormitory to ease the serious congestion we are experiencing in our dormitories.


Oh God Bless our mother Bahari;

Showering Blessings in every success,

Give us strength to achieve our motto,

Knowledge is treasure, we cannot measure,

Attain academic excellence through hard work

Discipline and integrity *2

We take the challenge, we move from zero to hero.




The elevation of the school to the National status has posed a great challenge because the school has to meet the standards of its status both academically and Infrastructure. We believe with Co-operation and goodwill from all stakeholders we will make it.

Our challenges are as follows.

  1. A serious shortage of teachers – Our C.B.E is 37 but currently we have 25 TSC teachers. Our shortage is 12 teachers.
  2. Need to construct 20 teachers houses at KES 80,000,000
  3. Need to construct 8 classrooms at KES 20,000,000
  4. Need to construct 2 Dormitories at KES 22,000,000
  5. Need to construct 1 Multipurpose Hall at KES 30,000,000
  6. Need to construct a Fence at KES 5,000,000
  7. Repair of the Road from the junction to the School.

Why choose us

Our graduates are contributing at the highest levels in their chosen professions.





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Top School

Bahari Girls is a public school that attracts the most talented students in a region via the Government and application processes.

About School

One of the top priorities of our school is to create a positive atmosphere for both students & teachers.

Global Student

Bahari Girls enrolls a number of international students every year from Kenya neighboring countries in the world.

Modern Canteen

We boast a modern refurbished self-service canteen to provide quality healthy food to our students.

Student Services

Student Services is the starting point for any questions students may have regarding their studies.

Teaching Quality

Teacher quality is one of the four key pillars of the Bahari Girls’ students-first approach to school education.

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Great work can only come from great partnerships. Here are just a few of our amazing partners